Lose Baby Weight Like a Celebrity?!?!


No one told they only snuggle with you like this for such a short time.

I left the hospital after birth still looking 6 months pregnant.  I’m not sure when it became a badge of honor to rapidly lose weight after having a baby.  Really, why lose baby weight like a celebrity when mother nature has a very natural way to help your body recover and heal at a safe pace.

I chose to breast feed all 4 of my boys, (every woman is different) and each time for me, it was quite a painful adjustment; like pain comparable to ripping out all your fingernails and toenails one by one. Then as you’re trying to rest up and recover, oh yeah, you have a sweet little baby in need of you round the clock for feedings and diaper changing, even though you’re super sleep deprived.  And hormones — experiencing crazy hormones all over the place — crying one minute, super overwhelmed, then content and happy the next.  Honestly, after returning from the hospital, the last thing on my mind was trying to fit into my skinny jeans.

Still, if you want to lose baby weight like a celebrity, here’s a few suggestions, (that I honestly don’t recommend):

– before your due date, schedule an elective c-section and tummy tuck to keep you from gaining those extra pounds.

– hire a personal trainer to come to your home and work one on one with you for 3-4 hours each day, 6 – 7 days per week.

– hire a nanny to care for your newborn while you are training for hours.

– hire a hairstylist, a clothing consultant, and a makeup artist so you can look amazing when you venture out into public, and for your first photos with your baby.

– hire a personal chef to prepare all your healthy meals and snacks, not to mention for your family too if you have other hungry people in your home.

– be sure to do deep detoxifying cleanses, eliminate all white foods, and especially carbs.

– attach a breast pump to your body in between working out to help burn extra calories.

– hire a maid to do laundry, to clean your house, and run your errands.

Sound insane?  Any doctor will tell you that rapid weight loss from dieting and/or exercise after having a baby is not good for you — (or your baby if you’re breast feeding).  Be patient.  It will happen.  Little by little.  Be realistic.  Enjoy the time with your little precious baby, who is small only once.  They grow so fast! What’s a few extra months in retrospect when you can eventually lose weight the way nature intended?  In my experience, those few extra months are priceless indeed — life slows down and allows you to bond with the beautiful new life you and your partner created.  Once that time is gone, it’s gone.

When you do feel up to adding a little physical activity to your day, (or when your doctor clears you) why not try my MARCHING – LOW IMPACT AEROBICS? It is only 30 min. long. I filmed it 4 weeks after having my baby, so trust me, no plyometrics, jumping jacks, or burpees in this one. And no, I was nowhere near fitting into my skinny jeans when we filmed it.  It’s a great workout, easy on joints, perfect if you are easing back into exercising for whatever reason.



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